The 80’s

Next-Level Wingman

Next-Level Wingman - Dad

“My father, an army medic, set his brother’s leg in a cast to help him get sympathy from women. Circa 1983.”

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Carved Up

Carved Up - Halloween

“My mother-in-law forced my wife and her two sisters to get into holiday spirit and carve pumpkins. Their expressions range from ‘angry’ to ‘I will kill you in your sleep.’ My wife is on the right and she clearly wasn’t having it.”

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The Cowboy Missionary

The Cowboy Missionary - Photos

“My uncle Matt (on the right) moved from California to Montana to do missionary work. Guess he took to the cowboy lifestyle.”

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The Debonairs

The Debonairs - Mom & Dad

“My mom and dad in 1987.”

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A Single Man

A Single Man - Dad

“My dad in 1984. He lived by himself in this camper in Alaska for five years before meeting my mom.”

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Desperado - Dad

“My dad at marching band practice in 1985.”

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The Clash

The Clash - Dad

“My dad and a buddy, wasted, in the 1980’s. Notice the mugs.”

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