Carved Up

Carved Up - Halloween

“My mother-in-law forced my wife and her two sisters to get into holiday spirit and carve pumpkins. Their expressions range from ‘angry’ to ‘I will kill you in your sleep.’ My wife is on the right and she clearly wasn’t having it.”

(submitted by Lloyd)

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Glampa - Grandpa

“My 76-year-old grandpa dressed up as Elton John for Halloween. Grandma said it was her first time putting rouge and an earring on her husband.”

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And Skeleton Baby Makes Three

And Skeleton Baby Makes Three - Couples

“My wife and I used this picture to announce the news to our families.”

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Tampax To The Max

Tampax To The Max - Halloween

“I have two Moms. They dressed me up like this for Halloween.”

(submitted by Leah)

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Horseplay - Halloween

“My older sister really loved horses, and being the little sister and a copy-cat, I had to love them, too. We were probably 7 and 11 in this photo that I wish I could unseen every time I see it. This is truly a Halloween costume posing disaster.”

(submitted by Brooke)

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Saved By The Bell

Saved By The Bell - Dad

“For Halloween, I’m going as my Dad when he was my age. (High school senior.)”

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In Dad • November 21st, 2016 • Comments Off on Saved By The Bell

Henry And Anne

Henry And Anne - Halloween

“My friend’s kids’ Halloween costumes. Yes, they were Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.”

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