Leave It To The Pros

Leave It To The Pros - Dad

“This photo is an attempt to look like a professional photo that my parents saw in a local photographer’s ad. They wanted a black background with my father’s hands on my shoulders, and it was supposed to be zoomed in to just my head and his hands. Our attempt was a fail, obviously, as my mother did not know how to work the zoom function. We ended up with this.”

(submitted by Cari)

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Air Supply

Air Supply - Dad

“My two brothers and I were gathered to celebrate our father’s 60th birthday. He had received a small portable TV as a gift, which was nifty back in those days. It was wrapped, obviously, in a plastic bag. When it came time for a family photo, our father, rarely one to simply smile for the camera, grabbed for the nearest prop, and created one of our favorite memories of our dad.”

(submitted by Lorne)

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Stayin’ Alive

Stayin’ Alive - Dad

“My father back in the 70’s.”

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The Sofa Stalker

The Sofa Stalker - Dad

“Just found this photo in my mum’s kitchen. WTF is my dad doing in the background?”

(submitted by Pete)


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Smoldering - Black And White

“Welp, I found my Dad’s old modeling photos.”

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Nookie Monster

Nookie Monster - Dad

“My dad, his ¬†fro, his dog, and his t-shirt. 1978.”

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Dad Couture

Dad Couture - Dad

“My mom told my dad to wear something nice for their wedding shower.”

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