Mr. Clock

Mr. Clock - Couples

“At first glance it looks like I have an extra arm.”

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Caught - Couples

“Took a photo of my buddy fishing. I call this one ‘Damn, she found me.'”

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Shirt Happens 3

Shirt Happens 3 - Couples

“Mom asked for a picture of me and my girlfriend. I sent her this as a joke. Forgot about it. Several weeks later my brother calls to tell me she printed it out, framed it, and put it on her desk to show it off. Even after two explanations she still doesn’t get it.”

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Ready To Mingle

Ready To Mingle - Couples

“When you’re single but all your friends are in relationships.”

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The New Pet

The New Pet - Couples

“My wife, the saint, throwing facts about baby skunks.”

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Extra Princess

Extra Princess - Couples

“Met Jasmine today. We don’t have kids.”

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Sudden Strike

Sudden Strike - Couples

“I’m a wedding photographer and I took a picture of my bride and groom photobombing the channel 10 weather report.(Melbourne, Australia.)”

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