Caddyshack 3

Caddyshack 3 - Celebs

“My mom was told to tell the ‘homeless man’ he couldn’t loiter near her workplace.”

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Uncle Ryan

Uncle Ryan - Celebs

“My uncle used to look just like Ryan Reynolds when he was a West Virginia coal miner in the 70’s.”

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Hail To The Queen

Hail To The Queen - Black And White

“My uncle, after tripping and falling in front of the queen, 1987.”

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The Meat Hook

The Meat Hook - Babies

“Olivia Wilde’s baby looks like he has a giant hand.”

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Dad And The King

Dad And The King - Black And White

“My Dad and Elvis. He always told us they hung out together and we never believed him, until now.”

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Celebrity Sighting

Celebrity Sighting - Celebs

“Someone pretended to be Tom Cruise in a chicken shop in Northeast Thailand and is remembered there forever.”

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Busted By Bey

Busted By Bey - Celebs

“My friend was staying at a hotel in Vegas. He got totally busted trying to snap this picture.”

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In Celebs • February 22nd, 2017 • Comments Off on Busted By Bey
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